At MagMo, we want to change the way people around the world take and share Photos!

Does the world really need another photo sharing tool?  
We believe Yes!

Revolutionizing the way we take and share Photos

MagMo Features

MagMo is a new photo-sharing tool that allows you to create and categorize stories, and then easily share them with your friends. Current social media tools are not properly equipped for photo-sharing (i.e. no categorization, lack of organization). MagMo is the evolution of photo-sharing. 

However, just for edification, let’s share a few things MagMo does that other photo tools don’t (and a few things they do, but MagMo just does better)…


Pre-created categories (Travel, Social, Fashion, Sports, featured, most recent, most viewed, etc) makes it easier to group photos by activity, not just time.

“Back Cover” Action

The final image serves as a unique and clickable back cover, providing an opportunity to follow brands, personalities, celebrities, charitable causes, etc.

Ease of Sharing

Ability to share a MagMo across multiple platforms and have your story viewed without having to download an application.  MagMo does not discriminate.


Better organization for showing photos on your cell phone (no more scrolling up and down through thousands of photos).


Ability to easily create a multiple page story with built-in templates.    Share your own personal story in 60 seconds or less with text included.

Revenue generation

Are you a Brand? MagMo allows you to monetize/connect with your audience via an emotional tie.

MagMo by Category

Hover over and click on any MagMo to view by category