Why MagMo’s for Brands?

In today’s environment, Brands are looking for more from their social media efforts than a simple “like” or “follow.” Brands have a keen interest in finding ways to monetize their content (i.e. increased engagement, potential revenue through promotions, e-commerce, special offers, and/or data collection). 

THE ISSUE:  Current social media platforms are all limited in their own special way, especially as it comes to photos and photo sharing. None are built specifically for monetization purposes.


  *Photo publishing tool with built-in templates

  *Convey a narrative story (up to four pages) with a purpose

  *Insert clickable text boxes (web page, videos, etc.)

  *Post across multiple platforms- viewed without download

  *Unique built-in ad unit (called a “Back Cover”) 

  *Monetize your organic posts across multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Text, Email)

Stephen Meade (Founder) explains why MagMo will revolutionize how brands monetize social media.

MagMo Powerpoint Overview

The video explains MagMo’s value for brands, not only in terms of how to better connect with their followers, but also how to monetize their content with an action item.

How it Works – Infographs

MagMo provides Brands with the opportunity to monetize on content

Infographs below for the selected Brands (Company, Celebrity & Organization) reveal how MagMo is an effective, efficient and revenue generating tool




MagMos below are examples of how brands can push their content for monetization

Each MagMo tells a narrative story which ends with an action item for the consumer

Click on an individual Magmo below to view