Introducing MagMo!

The Next Evolution of Online, Social Media and Photo Sharing!

Why Do Brands Need Another Photo-Sharing Tool?

MagMo, which stands for Magic Moments, is a new web/mobile based software tool for Brands, Celebrities and Influencers to create and share stories with their audience through social media.

Brands want a platform to create and share their own content quickly (via mobile) with their audience… which in turn their users can help to share with ease.  

Unlike existing sites, MagMo’s unique advertising and monetization model enables a brand to create and monetize their own content with their existing audience.

MagMo Features for Brands

Current social media tools are not equipped for brands to leverage content. 

MagMo was built specifically for Brands in an effort to better communicate their audience.

With a few clicks, create a MagMo using pictures and text that can be shared with your audience!

Revenue Generation

MagMo uses a featured “back cover” to click on to take action (i.e. sign-up, make a purchase, subscribe).

FAN Engagement

MagMo stories provide context for customers, including how to tune-in, subscribe, or options for viewing!

Charitable Causes

MagMo allows brands to share their social cause, very important in today’s climate as consumers are more socially conscious.

retail commerce

MagMo makes it easier for brands to release coupons, check A/B testing and provide surveys with relative ease.

How to Build a Magmo

Click and Expand any of the Videos below to view how easily a MagMo can be created.

Create a MagMo from Start

Video walks you through how to build your first Magmo from start to finish.

Significance of the Back Cover

Video explains the purpose of the Back Cover, and its importance for brands.

Produce a Back Cover in Powerpoint

Video shows how to build the Back Cover on your own.