MagMo, derived from “Magic Moments,” is a technology company dedicated to strengthening the connection between well-known brands and their social audience. MagMo has developed a software tool that creates short stories populated with pictures and text that brands can use to produce content designed for their existing social media markets.

Traditionally, customers have followed brands for the purpose of getting discounts, purchase incentives and early R&D announcements. However when a brand was between product launches or promotional periods, the conversation typically went dormant.

MagMo’s proprietary technology changes all that.

The MagMo platform is a sophisticated yet user-friendly software that makes it easy to design dynamic, interactive, targeted messages specifically tailored around a brand’s unique, online community. It creates a storybook, or mini-magazine that inspires engagement and informs a conversation on a more intimate and on-going basis.

MagMo helps major brands, celebrities, and companies share this customized content and intensify existing relationships on Facebook, Twitter and every other social media channel. It promotes engagement, encourages conversation and brings brands and their customers closer together on a regular basis.