Welcome MagMo Designer!

Thank you for taking a few moments to review some items which will help you get started.

A Quick MagMo Overview:

    1. Create Folder & Name Folder
    2. Save Photos to Folder
    3. Edit Photos in Folder (if necessary)
    1. Select Template – Page 1
    2. Select & Resize Photo(s)
    3. Add Page 2 Template (up to 4 pages)
      1. Repeat Step 2
    4. Return to Page 1 to add Text Boxes (up to 4 per page)
      1. Repeat for each page as necessary
    1. Select Category (required)
    2. Insert Hashtag/ tag people/ select location/ mark as featured/ mark as private (optional)
    3. Post to Magmo (You are now Live!)

Below are two reference materials to help with installing the app on your iPhone and building your first MagMo:

Thanks again for all your help as we embark on this journey!

-The MagMo Team