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Introducing the next evolution of online, social media and photo sharing -Welcome to MagMo Pro!

MagMo, which stands for Magazine Moment, is a new web/mobile based software tool for Major Brand, Celebrities and Influencers to create and share stories with their audience through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and more.

If you want to see why Brands need a new publishing and work flow tool, view below:

With a few clicks, you can create a mini-magazine using pictures and text that can be shared with your social media audience.

Unlike existing sites, MagMo Pro has a unique advertising and monetization model which enables a brand to create and monetize their own content with their existing audience.

We invite you to become a MagMo Launch Partner by signing up here.

If you want to register directly, please do so at  and select “Brand” in the drop down.

Please contact the company for access to a password protected site with demo videos on how to best utilize MagMo Pro.